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Wise Disk Cleaner 4.2

Disk cleaning software, hard drive cleaner software to remove junk files
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The Wise Disk Cleaner application cleans disk space by deleting junk files that are no longer used. The Wise Disk Cleaner stabilizes the computer and makes it run more quickly after the unnecessary files are deleted which appear as a result of incomplete uninstalls, temporary internet files, old files, error files back up file, intermediate files, log files etc. Wise Disk Cleaner is safe for computer novices who can use the Default Settings of the Wizard whilst the advanced users can customize the operations by manually selecting the folders to be cleaned up, erase files with required extensions or even exclude folders from the scan etc. There are 43 types of file extensions being searched and there is an option to add or remove types from the existing list. The language pack has 30 languages with an option to add your own language and forward to the developers for being added. The Free version permits limited use of the Tools. The Professional version can Export to MS Excel, Move to new location or utilize Advance option The interface has been upgraded substantially from the earlier versions.
The inbuilt Wizard can be set to show at start up and it is unique. The wizard displays options for Type, Location, Option, Folder Cleaner, and Auto Run for configuration. The configured choices can be altered from the list of tools though not in the Free version. The option in the Wizard to ‘select All files in the folder that will be considered junk files’ has to be selected with care.
The Tools placed at the top makes the interface user friendly and convenient. The Tools are; Start scan, Stop Scan, Start Wizard (which opens up the Wizard mentioned above), Check all items, Check None, Invert Checks, Delete Junk files, Options tabs; General, Folder Cleaner, Auto Run, Exclusion List and Schedule Task. Each option has further options. Under the Auto Run option the manual option finds junk files and removes them step by step whereas in the automatic option the program automatically finds junk files and removes them. There is an option to have the files permanently deleted, or first moved to the Recycle Bin to allow for any error by the user. When the Wizard is used at the very beginning many of these options are already set. Delete junk files is also in the tools. The interface Style can be changed to Cool Black, Magic and Vista.
The View Menu gives options to view Tool bars, File Type Box, Details Box and Status. The Details and Status box enable the user to see the individual file details and the Status bar shows the exact position of the action and finally gives the number of files deleted and the disk space cleaned. It takes about six and a half minutes to clean 1000 MB of the disk space. The successive cleaning deletes files that had not been deleted in the first run. The program is a very good utility for frequent use to keep the computer free of junk files.

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  • Easy installation and usage
  • Improves computer performance
  • Built in wizard and Tools make task of optimization instant


  • Takes time for scan and delete if used infrequently
  • It is not free software for full facilities
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