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Wise Disk Cleaner finds and deletes any unnecessary files
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If you need to enhance speed and stability of your computer, you might consider this great tool called Wise Disk Cleaner. This is a free disk utility designed to keep your disk clean and working fast by deleting any unnecessary files.

In our daily work, we usually generate copies of all kinds of files when we use them, but once used, these files become unnecessary. We probably don’t have a clue of how many junk, temporary, backup, old files (just to mention some) can be generated on our disk. Because of these files, our disk starts to work slowly, since they take up a considerable amount of space. Wise Disk Cleaner will help us to get rid of these files in no time.

Wise Disk Cleaner has a simple interface. You will have the option of analyzing your system for junk files, view each of the junk files found, and the program will display a detailed description for any file. This searching can be performed manually or automatically, depending on your choice. You can select the types of files for the program to look for, request a complete log to be created upon each scan, and set the program to delete files instantly, or only move them to the Recycle Bin. When you clean up your system, your will notice your Windows platform run more efficiently, faster and smoother.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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