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Scan junk files and delete these junk files in Windows system
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Wise Disk Cleaner not only cleans your system of junk and unnecessary files, but also defragments any internal or external drive connected to it. This excellent free system optimization utility comes in a well-designed interface, where you will find a series of cleaning and defragmentation tools to make your system run more smoothly while freeing up valuable disk space at the same time.

Its Common and Advanced cleaners will take care of all kinds of junk files on your PC, including Windows system files, browsers’ cookies and traces, leftovers from uninstalled programs, Windows temporary files, etc. Before starting the scan process, though, it is advisable that you tell the program to create a restore point for you, in case things go south unexpectedly. Once the scan is complete, you will be presented with a thorough report telling you the amount of junk files detected and the space they’re taking up on your hard drive. You can browse each category and see for yourself the files that Wise Disk Cleaner offers to wipe out, and remove from the candidates list those you would like to keep. To avoid going through this process in the future – and thus take advantage of the program’s auto-clean option – you can go to the Exclusion tab in the Settings dialog and create your own list of files that shouldn’t be considered as junk in future scans. To make things even easier, you may also want to schedule the scan and cleaning processes and thus let the program keep your system fully optimized at all times without further intervention on your side.

A third Slimming System option will take a closer look to your downloaded Windows Installation Files, as well as any obsolete Windows Installer files and cache to help you get rid of all those files that Windows uses to install other apps and to update and upgrade your system (that are no longer necessary). In addition, you may want to get rid of all Windows help files and wallpapers to free up even more disk space, in case you never use them or have no intention of making use of them in the future.

The program’s graphical defragmentation tool will let you see how Wise Disk Cleaner rearranges all your files for a quicker and a more effective access, thus boosting your PC’s performance and increasing your drives’ lifespan.

Thus, Wise Disk Cleaner is a high-end disk optimization tool that will keep you system free of all unnecessary and unwanted files in an automated, efficient, and fast way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Creates a restore point for extra security
  • Allows you to schedule the cleaning process
  • You can check and select the files to be deleted
  • Graphical disk defragger
  • Allows you to exclude specific files
  • Fast and efficient scan and cleaning processes


  • No real drawbacks found during the review
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