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Wise Disk Cleaner Free is great to clean unwanted files fastly
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Now, there are many such free disk cleaners available out there, but this is a very good utility. And what makes it different is that it is very fast, and uses much less memory and processor resources. A 500 GB hard disk with more than 8 lack files has been scanned in less than 8 minutes. It also has a great user interface.

The program can be used by any novice user. It has a wizard-like interface at start-up. Descriptions for the different file types are given in the main window. So, we can decide whether to delete the files or not. As a default setting, all the important backup data, like the log files and *.bak (backup) files are ignored. But we can select them too to recover more disk space as most of them are not important for a regular home user.

We cannot deselect a particular file type after completing the scanning. We may only deselect the file or add it to the exceptions list from the scan list. The files are deleted to the recycle bin by default. Also, the program has nice sound schemes to notify various status.

In Windows XP systems, we can also delete the uninstall files of various OS updates. Well, the backup files for Windows updates can take a lot of space. These files may sometimes be needed to repair the installations, but most of the time, it is safe to delete them.

A disk defragmenting feature is available, but this program takes a lot of time. If you have Windows 7, it is better to use the Windows disk defragmenter. You can have a try on XP though.

Zack Martin
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Review summary


  • Nice interface
  • Compatible with all Windows versions including 64-bit
  • Fairly fast scanning
  • Some settings are automatic for novice users


  • Disk defragmentation is slow and may not be that reliable
  • No diskScrubber and NTFS Undelete Tools in the free version
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