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Wise Disk Cleaner 8.8

It helps you locate and delete unnecessary files and traces from your system
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Wise Disk Cleaner is a powerful tool that scans your hard drives and helps you delete all those old and unnecessary files that only take up space on your disks. The program can also defragment your drives, which boosts their read/write speeds, increasing the general performance of your PC. And all of that is available for you totally free of charge.

The program offers a modern and functional user interface, in the Metro style of Windows 8 and 8.1. There you will find several tabs, for the different cleaning methods this program features. The first one is "Common Cleaner" tab, and it allows you to search your PC for useless files and traces. Once the process finishes, you can select what to delete and what to keep. This tab also includes the "Scheduler" function, which in my opinion, is one of the best features of Wise Disk Cleaner. As its name clearly suggests, this function allows you to schedule automatic disk scans at the specified frequency, day of the week and time. You can enable or disable this function with just one click.

Another tab is "Advanced Cleaner" and it basically performs a quick and smart scan that finds temporary and recovered files in your system, so you can delete them. Next one is "Slimming System" tab, which allows you to analyze some key areas of Windows, such as the installer cache, unnecessary help files, sample pictures, video and music files, and more. And finally, you have the "Disk Defrag" tab, which performs a deep scan of your selected drives, rearranging their files and data blocks, to boost their performance. When using this tool, you can set the program to shut down your PC automatically once the process finishes, as it may take a while to complete.

Wise Disk Cleaner not only cleans and optimizes your disks, but it can also act as a security tool, as it clears your Internet browsing histories, cookies, cache files, and other traces created by Windows itself. Besides, the program is designed to use as low system resources as possible. In fact, its scheduled tasks run in the system background, so you will not even notice that your system is being optimized automatically. What I most like of this tool is that it really cleans and optimizes your disks for free, while other similar tools just scan your system and show results for free, but they ask you to buy a license to clean your disks.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very lightweight
  • Defragments your drives
  • Allows you to schedule automatic disk optimization tasks
  • You can really use it free of charge


  • Some of its functions may require a good level of technical knowledge
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